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Mobile apps take the spotlight, phasing out Mobile Websites

Smartphones are owned by over 70% of the world population, who use the mobile apps integrated into it to accomplish their daily tasks in a simple yet interactive way This is done in a small instant of time. An analysis shows that people spend 85% of their time using smartphones and mobile apps. They have become an integral part of users where they have sidelined the mobile web where only 10% of the time is utilized by users on the latter.

Developers are continuously designing apps in a way that they better aid the users better. Hence, entrepreneurs are building such apps to cater to the needs of the customers. Smartphones are a craze and a priceless commodity for the young generation As a result of the success of mobile apps, the position of Mobile Web has deteriorated. It cannot be said whether they will become out-moded. Mobile web may not be as captivating as mobile apps but it is still useful and retains a set of loyal customers.

With mobile sites, users can do anything they want in search of info without any limits, as everything is present in the net. They should be designed for good use on the smartphones as well so that it increases the traffic to the mobile site.

At present everyone is using smartphones to get info regarding anything. Such websites are easy to use and very useful for its users. Mobile websites have a plus point where they are well suited for all devices, contrary to the case of mobile apps which are developed with detailing.

Mobile websites dont have to be upgraded consistently as in the case of mobile apps. Even if there are some alterations to be done, they are quite minor. This upgrading process is simple as well with relation to the content. Websites have a great influence with respect to the masses as they are present as hyperlinks in the search engines.There are several websites to reach out and extract the needed content with respect to any analysis. They are readily accessible by the users at any time and cannot be deleted from any device. It further does not eat up memory in smartphones.

Anything can be searched from the mobile websites and once the task is done, they can be quitted easily. It wont eat up any space in the phone or generate junk files. It would be signified that mobile websites are losing their prominence, but they still retain some loyal customers.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are designed by developers to fulfill any task which is done on a daily basis. There are over 1.7 million Android apps and 1.6 million iOS apps at present in the market.Designing mobile apps have become the latest fashion. Apps have to be designed such that they use only less space and supplies a good experience for its users. Mobile websites need net connection to operate. With the exception of few apps, most of the apps function without the need of net connection providing a good experience for its users.

Mobile Apps Sidelining Mobile Web

The dominance of mobile apps still continues. Companies have been able to amass huge income with their help. The latest vogue is such that every business has developed a mobile app to serve the customers.

The apps have to be enchanting to retain the users from switching over to other apps. Sometimes users remove apps which they deem worthless and that they only eat up memory space.

Gaming, entertainment, and social networking apps keep the users engrossed with their smartphones. Featured are millions of apps for any application. It is noted that users use apps which are more favored over the other apps. 84% is the figure with regards to the time spent on non-native apps

People often utilize the social media and instant messaging apps. Gaming apps occupy the next position. Apps which are consistently used by people globally are Facebook, Whatsapp, Pokemon Go, Twitter, Clash of Clans and Twitter.

It is virtually impossible to comprehend a world sans smartphones and mobile apps. Although they debuted only in the recent decade, they have captivated the technological domain where businesses and enterprises cant function without mobile apps. Massive income is generated for the brands with the presence of mobile apps.

Every app should feature a captivating and dazzling design. The operation of the app must also be excellent. These factors provide easy browsing and use of mobile apps. Smartphones are integrated with their own native apps and apps are available in the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Based on an analysis, it is identified that 48% of the smartphone users uninstall apps if they are not satisfied with its operations.

Websites along with mobile apps are the products which most of the users spend their time on. They are built to captivate customers and their use is still enlarging further. However the fact to be taken into account is that mobile webs wont be replaced by the mobile apps.

Author Bio : Michael Archer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Whatsappupdate a popular Software products & Mobile App Development brand. He has vast expertise in designing and guiding novel, revolutionary and synergic software development teams to come up with prime software applications like Zoechat - Whatsapp Clone Script. He likes venturing into and encountering new things and also impart his wealth of knowledge with others.


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